Savior King Size Bed With Two Side Tables

Savior King Size Bed With Two Side Tables

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"Elevate Your Bedroom with the All-Inclusive Savior Bed Set: Style, Convenience, and Comfort"


Complete Bedroom Transformation:

The Savior Bed Set is not merely a collection of furniture pieces – it's a complete bedroom transformation in one elegant package. At the heart of this set is the king-sized bed, providing you with ample space to stretch out and enjoy restful nights. The mirror & dresser adds a touch of sophistication and functionality. With the Savior Bed Set, you're achieving a harmonious and stylish bedroom setup that caters to your every need.

Material: Plain Lamination

Bed Size: King Sized Bed

Bed Dimensions:

Total Length: 6.7 Ft.

Total Width: 8.6 Ft.

Total Height: 3.4 Ft.

Recommended Mattress Size: 6 ft x 6.5 ft