Jungle Green Wooden Handmade And Hand Painted Truck

Jungle Green Wooden Handmade And Hand Painted Truck

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Pakistani truck drivers from the centuries have painted their trucks with beautiful colors and local poetry to express their roots and culture. We want to preserve this art form through these little trucks that can travel around the globe taking our culture with them.
It is lightweight and the material used is wood. It is hand-painted by our team of artists who have created this truck as a symbol of Pakistani aesthetics and tradition. The beautifully crafted and hand-painted Truck is one of our most popular and hot-selling items.

100% Handmade
Material: Wood and Paint
Size: Length 9" Height 6.5" Width 3.2"
Available in different styles, Design, and Colours; Yellow, Green, Red, Blue
Order Detail: Made to order

Note: The color of Chamakpatti and designs can change according to the Customer's Choice because these trucks are handmade.

Processing Time: 5-14 Business Days
Standard: 3-5 Business Days "